Custom Built Modular Homes, LLC
                                    Locally Owned and Operated
                                   Mt. Airy , NC   336-783- 6994
                                   Serving NC and Va Since 2005

                       Hours Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00     Saturday 8:30-2:00    
              Licensed Contractor Serving North Carolina and Va.  
within a 50 mile radius)

We will custom build your plan , one of ours , or a competitor's .
 If you are looking for a quality built off frame modular home and live within
a 50 mile radius of Mt Airy , NC we can save you money. Our low overhead
and over 30 years experience make a huge difference.

   We can do as little or as much as you would like. Our standard t
urn package includes foundation , crane , factory set up and trim , heat pump
, plumbing and electric hookups , gutters , steps and termite pretreatment.

   We can also include grading , well , septic , porches , garages , basements
and more.

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HandCrafted Homes